• Pirate Fundraiser YARRR!!!

    September 18th, 2018

    Time for El Bekal's Pirate Fundraiser! Costume contest, 50/50 drawing, silent auction and more. Click here for more information.

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    Oct 1st, 2018

    Download the latest edition of our Shrine's newsletter, The El Bekalan. Click on the link below to see our collection of El Bekalan newsletters. 

    See the October 2018 El Bekalan
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El Bekal Shrine 2018 Illustrious Potentate Larry Griffin

El Bekal Shrine 2018 Elected Divan

larry griffin potentate
Ill. Larry Griffin

mike selix chief rabban merritt read asst rabban brandon cook high priest 171219 Michael Sekera OG
Chief Rabban
Mike Selix
Asst. Rabban
Merritt Read
High Priest & Prophet
Brandon Cook
Oriental Guide
  George Boyd Coy Love for Web  
George Boyd, P.P.
Coy Love, P.P.

El Bekal Shrine 2018 Appointed Divan

al turek second ceremonial ash nalbandyan first ceremonial russ allen director  
1st Ceremonial Master
Al Turek
2nd Ceremonial Master
Ash Nalbandyan
Russ Allen
coming soon Chaplain John Ludwig roger ross 2014  mike williams capt guard
Kevin Stibich
John Ludwig
Roger Ross P.P.
Captain of the Guard
Mike Williams  
john edgmon outer guard  coming soon gary leister orator
 Outer Guard
John Edgmon 
Outer Guard
Rick Harrage
Gary Leister


Director of Units
Coy Lov P.P. & Russ Allen


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