The Greeters were originally chartered in 1951. Among the Greeters’ responsibilities are welcoming visitors, dignitaries, and the general Nobility to Shrine functions at the will and pleasure of the Potentate. They  participate in all official Shrine functions including marching in parades. Historically, at Ceremonials the Potentate has requested the Greeters to robe the candidates and conduct them on a portion of their journey to Mecca.

Monthly meetings enhance Unit Camaraderie. In addition, there are several social functions and weekend outings with our Ladies throughout the year. The Greeters have two “uniforms” – a fatigue outfit consisting of a red shirt with the Greeter logo embroidered on the back and the member’s name on the front. This is worn with white pants and shoes. The formal wear is a tuxedo jacket made of the Royal Stewart Tartan and worn with traditional formal attire. Members purchase their own uniforms. Initiation Fee is $85.00, which included lettering the Fez.  The Annual Dues are $85.00

The Greeters welcome all Shrine-Masons to visit a regular meeting held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. For information on how to join call the Shrine office (714) 563-9111and they will give you the name and number of their Secretary.