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This is a group of El Bekal Shriners that was formed in 1984. They individually own and maintain Dune Buggies in all types of body styles and colors. These buggies are Volkswagen, gasoline rear engine powered, have chrome or mag wheels, and are open air or topless. They all have fiberglass bodies and are street legal for licensing.

They carry the Potentate and his Divan in all parades, attend money-raising functions of other Units and Clubs, and any other services required by the Potentate. They try to have a social gathering each month, which could be a rally, picnic, or other type to bring the group and their Ladies together. They meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Their Ladies have their own meeting at the same place and time.

Uniforms consist of gray and/or white trousers, purple double knit shirt with logo on the back, purple socks, and black and/or white shoes. A driving jacket is also available. Uniforms are purchased through the Unit’s Quartermaster. Tuxedos worn at Shrine formal events. Initiation Fee is $50.00 and Annual Dues are $25.00. Any new member is also required to purchase and have in good mechanical order a dune buggy within 90 days after joining the Unit.

Call the Shrine office (714) 563-9111and they will give you the name and number of their Secretary.