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The Oriental Band is one of the most colorful Units of the Shrine. They play for Ceremonials, march in parades, and serve at the will and pleasure of the Potentate. The costumes are handmade by the Bandsmen. Each new member is given suitable assistance in procuring a costume. Our Ladies, known as Shebas, generally travel with the Band to most functions.

The Band Director, Assistant Director, and other Bandsmen will assist you in learning the music. Instruments are: Mussette, Drums, Tambourine, and Cymbals. The Glockenspiel is an approved instrument together with some other percussion pieces. The Band will provide you with an instrument to get you started.

Weekly practices and meetings are held every Monday unless otherwise stated at 7:30pm at the Shrine Center. Iitiation Fee is $25.00 and the Annual Dues are $50.00.

For information on how to join call the Shrine office (714) 563-9111and they will give you the name and number of the Secretary.