Tin Lizzies

The Tin Lizzie unit was originally created as a group within the Valencia Shrine Club in 1962 and was converted into a regular parade unit on October 11, 1982. It was formed for the purpose of having fun through participation in various holiday parades throughout Southern California. The distinctive Tin Lizzie “Model T” cars are widely recognized and enjoyed by the parade spectators, and are one of the first parade units that come to mind when someone mentions the “Shrine”. The Tin Lizzies enjoy parading and the unit participates in more parades than any other El Bekal Unit.

The Lizzies are real parade crowd pleasers with their antic filled driving style and wide variety of horns and other noisemakers. Their size also makes them particularly attractive to the children along the parade route. The El Bekal Lizzie unit is limited by its by-laws to 21 active regular members and cars for parade safety reasons. Other associate members can act as substitute drivers.  The unit currently participates in about eight to ten parades each year, with usually 8 to 12 cars at each parade. We have regular business meetings on the second Monday of each month.